6 easy ways to get rid of Cockroaches

Tips / Description How to get rid of the Cockroaches.
In our daily life, we do not like many pests like a fly, Mosquito, ant etc.

But mostly we hate cockroaches because they are harmful to humans. They carry many diseases which are very dangerous for human life. Besides they contaminate our food. If we put ours food on the place where cockroaches can easily reach, so the cockroaches can reach and spread microorganisms present in their saliva inside the food which causes many health problems. This is not only they do, they also damage other items present in your house like you favorite books, clothes, electronic items and wires etc. There are many types of cockroaches. One of them is American cockroaches. They are reddish brown in color and having yellow bands on the shield behind the head. There are many ways to get rid of cockroaches, you have tried many of them but the ways I am going to tell you, are very easy and effective.


6 Natural Way How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

  1. To get rid by using Sugar and Baking soda:

This is an easy and effective way to get rid of cockroaches. Take the mixture of Sugar and Baking soda and some parts of an item which are equal. Now sprinkle the mixture near the area which is infested by cockroaches in your house. When the cockroaches feeding on this mixture will die soon as the Baking soda present in the mixture reacts with stomach acid cause it to gas up.

  1. To get rid by using Leaves:

This is very common, cheap and available way to get rid of cockroaches. You should know that leaves have a smell and also used in cooking in India. There is a powerful smell of leaves which is hated by cockroaches. Pick up Leave powder and through it all there, where nests of cockroaches are possible. The unpleasant smell of leaves will force to remove them from your apartment or kitchen. There will no need to kill them.

  1. To get rid by using Ammonia solution:

There is a pungent smell of Ammonia which is good to run cockroaches from your house. Have a bucket of water and mix two cups of the liquid Ammonia. Wash your kitchen and bathroom. The smell of Ammonia will force to run cockroaches away from your house. Repeat this remedy twice in a week to keep your house free of cockroaches.

  1. To get rid by using Boric Acid:

It is a good way to kill cockroaches via Boric Acid. So please visit the market and buy Boric Acid. Remember Boric Acid should be powered. Now make the mixture of Boric Acid with white flour also mix some part of sugar. Make small balls of mixture and place near all those places where cockroaches come across. As they will eat the balls because sugar and white flour attract them and Boric acid will kill them soon.

  1. To get rid by Using Trap:

This is easy, effective method how to get rid of cockroaches via trap. The traps are available in the markets containing adhesive material as a bait. If the cockroaches enter in the trap to taste the bait, They get entrapped by the adhesive. Place the trap properly in the common areas where cockroaches are present. Put the trap twice in a week to get rid of cockroaches.

Mostly women hate them because in the kitchen cockroaches destroy many things. So I have a way for them to get rid of cockroaches. Read carefully.

  1. To get rid of Cockroaches in Kitchen:

Everyone do not like that If cockroaches are to be there in the kitchen. It is possible to get rid with no using any toxic materials. So it is necessary to keep you kitchen clean. Avoid to leave food in open. It is necessary to know that Cockroaches love flour and bread, so do not keep flour and bread in bags, seal it in a plastic container. If there are already Cockroaches are present in your kitchen, so there are several ways to get rid, keep a look on them. If you find open places in the walls od kitchen. Put a ball made by old clothes or plastic. Cockroaches are flat in size and can enter in any open place so take care of it. Cockroaches love Cocoa powder so mix the equal parts of it with flour and with some sugar and put it the mixture in all those places where they are seen. When they taste mixture they will die soon.

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